Grey is one of the top neutral interior design colours for this year. How to use it? Here are some tips:

DO familiarize yourself with the entire grey colour spectrum. Grey doesn’t have to be cold and industrial. On the contrary, there’s a new shade known as ‘greige’ – which is an easyto- use grey that has a hint of beige or brown. This will be much softer and warmer to use. DO consider charcoal grey as an alternative to black or dark blue. Charcoal can deliver the perfect dark accent without being too dark, or too drab. Charcoal makes a particularly stylish choice for upholstered furniture or rugs.

DO watch your undertones. Some greys can be perfectly colour-neutral with no obvious undertones. Others have undertones that will either help or hinder your colour palette. The trick is to determine the difference between a grey with a blue or brown undertone or a warmer grey with pinkish undertones that can evoke images of stone or weathered wood.

DON’T hesitate to use grey in a natural colour scheme. It works very well with beachstyled looks, a Zen feel or an ultra-modern interior. Do experiment with colour pairings – grey goes well with muted candy colours like pink,

yellow or blue. It can also be paired with black and white.

up close, but not too personal

Just bought a great new TV but not sure about viewing distances? The specifications below will ensure that you enjoy optimum viewing without eyestrain. For a 40-inch screen, position the TV 5-8 feet from the sofa. For a 46-inch screen position it 6-10 feet from the sofa and for a 52-inch screen position it 7-11 feet fro the sofa


Sofas can be costly – so here are some tips on how to give your old sofa a new look.

If possible, buy your sofa in a neutral colour – simply because neutral colours are easier to jazz up.

Experiment with a throw – Fold a simple, lightweight throw blanket (scarves and heavy weight sheets also work) down the center and either drape it along the back of your sofa, or off one arm. When choosing the type of throw, think in opposites. So, if you have a patterned sofa, use a plain throw. If you have a solid coloured sofa, play around with prints, plaids or checks.

Use cushions in coordinating colours and fabrics to compliment your throw. Generally speaking five cushions fit perfectly on a mid-size sofa.

How to remove stains on Porcelain

If you have hard water in your taps (which contains minerals such as limestone, calcium and magnesium), it may leave a thin film of white powder or an orange rust stain on the surface of your sinks and baths. To remove this you’ll need a small pumice stick/stone. Wet both the pumice and the porcelain then gently scrub away the stain. Be careful not to scrub too hard so as to avoid scratching the porcelain. A paste will develop, which will help clean and polish the porcelain. Once the stain is gone, rinse the basin clean.

Article By: Jane Barsby