The Positive Effects of SGR

For over forty years I have been a frequent visitor to Narok and its environs, in part to honor my in-law obligations to my wife Rapunzel (Joyce) and some business interests. The B3 road between Maai Mahiu and Narok has been in existence since 1973 but for a long time there was little traffic because […]


In August this year, thousands of delegates from 183 countries converged in Geneva, Switzerland to discuss trade rules on protection of species of wild animals and plants that are in international trade. CITES (Convention on International Trade on Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna) is considered the biggest conference on international trade in wild animals […]

Labacorp Container Solutions

We recognized a market need for affordable, dependable, sustainable buildings that could be more easily and quickly built and fit almost anywhere. Shipping container homes are a cost-effective and energy efficient alternative to traditional built homes. Shipping container homes are perfect for anyone looking for affordable, durable and sustainable housing. Labacorp offers a wide range of […]


An attic conversion is a smart way to utilize space that would otherwise go to waste. With our wide range of Roof Windows, the dead space gets a breath of life. One can never have too much space be it for storage, dining, sleeping, entertainment or meditation. To access the space, we have Loft Ladders. […]

How to calculate the market value of a house in Kenya

Whether you are a seller or a buyer, when estimating the market value of a property you must take into account a multitude of factors including Real Estate Market Trends Kenya in 2019. Estimate the value of your home Personal Estimate: A simple and economical way to value your home is to make comparisons of […]


 In the first half of 2019, the real estate sector has shown increased activity. This has been supported by several factors including the positioning of Nairobi as a regional hub, continued National Government support for the affordable housing initiative, expansion by multinational corporations and retailers into the country, and the improving macroeconomic environment, with the […]

Mixed-Use: The New Real Estate Development Buzzword

Mixed-Use: The New Real Estate Development Buzzword

According to the World Health Organization, cities will hold 70 percent of the world’s population by 2050. About 96 percent of this growth will occur in developing countries, demanding quality urban spaces and services, and offering an extraordinary development opportunity for the global real estate industry. Does the mixed-use concept hold the key for fast growing [...]


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Empowering Africa Through Solar Power

Empowering Africa Through Solar Power

SUNami Solar leases out solar home systems in offgrid areas in Kenya and Uganda, together with income generating appliances. SUNami contributes to job creation, poverty reduction and increasing social inclusion. Apart from lighting and phone charging, SUNami Solar offers income generating packages that help the customers to become self-employed and independent while they use solar [...]
Invest in Mauritius

Invest in Mauritius

Secure investment location with established rule of law • Impressive track record, political stability and more than three decades of sustained economic growth • Most business-friendly country in Africa • Peaceful, multi-ethnic with a blend of cultures • Flexible, bilingual (English/French) with a skilled workforce • Investment-friendly regulatory regime • Foreign investors and talents welcomed [...]