That longed for beach view…

Imagine the warmth, the high verandah arches opening on panoramic views of the ocean and gentle shoreline, where the green of the shallows turn to turquoise sandy patches and to deep blue on the horizon, and then around the side of the house you spot a bright pink Bougainvillea..



The view is a soothing one and it all ties together beautifully.  What nature is telling us, is to keep things simple, but don’t be afraid to throw in some bright colours.

Even if you don’t have these amazing sea views, you can create the same atmosphere in your home.  We will show you how to go about this, although moving away from the over cluttered, colonial beach house to tranquil Modern Swahili.

Keep the spaces fluid, blurring boundaries between the inside and out. Use a light natural stone or traditional Nehru floor – cool under foot, with high ceilings and exposed beams.  Keep the walls light in a white or grey. Uncluttered furniture layouts are key, with a combination of modern wide seat sofas, simple yet comfortable occasional chairs, unusual side tables and a chunky or modern coffee table. Use sisal woven rugs to add texture and dimension.  It is always good to remember where you are and add in a few Swahili antiques as consoles or side tables, or have sofas made with a modern Swahili motif.

Any shelving you have would be best built in, in timber or in plaster cut niches and painted the same colour of the walls to make the rooms look bigger; these can then be used to display a select few photos or nick nacks.

When considering the fabric for the chairs and sofa, neutrals in sand, grey or off white make a perfect background on which to build your colours.

For your scatter cushions, use pastels in blues and grey or beige and dark grey for a calm scheme, or go for something lively such as coral or fuschia, taking your cue from the bright bougainvilleas and add a splash of turquoise for good measure.



Cushions will create a sense of harmony and contrast.  You can mix pattern type, keeping it to three patterns within a room, these can be in different scales but should be of the same tone.  Throw in a few in a plain colour and distribute all the cushions evenly throughout the room.


by Ndani Interiors Ltd

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