Alternatives To Plastic Packaging

Alternatives To Plastic Packaging

Celebrating two years without plastic carrier bags in Kenya. Even though plastic carrier bags are illegal, the plastic fiend is still looming in a multitude of places.

Reusable shopping bags

Most supermarkets will sell reusable bags that are highly durable and are inexpensive. Find durable reusable bags and ensure you keep them.

Refuse net bags

The fact that net bags exist in our market after the plastic bag ban is shocking. They are used for weighing fruits and vegetables. This is totally unnecessary. Use a Kikapu or basket instead

Refuse Styrofoam containers

Carry spare tupperware when you go out to a restaurant.

Shopping basket or kiondo

Colorful weaving, a leather strap, and artistic patterning, versatility for multiple occasions. The sisal bag is a mark of Kenyan heritage. Ensure you carry one for any impromptu shopping.


Nairobi produces 3000 tons of waste daily.


Taka Taka Solutions collect 40 tons daily. 95% of this is recycled.

By Gibbs Kuguru

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