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We recognized a market need for affordable, dependable, sustainable buildings that could be more easily and quickly built and fit almost anywhere. Shipping container homes are a cost-effective and energy efficient alternative to traditional built homes. Shipping container homes are perfect for anyone looking for affordable, durable and sustainable housing.

Labacorp offers a wide range of models with a number of options and amenities to suit every need and budget. Shipping container models include Mini Mods, Mid Mods and Mondo Mods.

Mondo Mods

At 1200 to 2300+ square feet, our Mondo Mod offers the space of a traditionally built home with all the extra features and amenities you can only find. Mondo Mods can be built with one or two stories, covered parking or a full garage and a green roof or rooftop deck. These unique shipping container homes feature open living spaces and large bedrooms. A Mondo Mod is the premier choice for eco-friendly and energy efficient living.

Mid Mods

Mid Mods feature a modest 700-1190 square feet and are available with one or two stories. Mid Mods provide ample space for living, working, playing, storage and more. These unique shipping container homes are the perfect size for small families, rental and Air B&Bs.

Mini Mods

Mini Mods range from approximately 160 to 640 square feet and are the perfect option for those looking to spend less time cleaning are more time outdoors. This space saving model is available with many of the same amenities as our Mid and Mondo size models. Mini Mods make excellent rental properties, and several can easily fit on one lot.

Homebuyers who seek a more suitable lifestyle will be delighted to learn of the many and varied benefits of a modular home from Labacorp.

Labacorp insulates each modular home with a plant-based, closed-cell spray insulation that provides ultimate protection, while taking up minimal room. (Bonus: It’s eco-friendly. In the residential sector, eco-friendly). In the residential sector, eco-friendly/green building currently accounts for 26-33% of the total residential market and has helped contribute to the industry’s recovery after the recession, according to Dodge Data and Analeptics.)

Additional exterior skin options allow for extra out-sulation as well, with most skin choices adding to super low maintenance style, saving both time and money.

Constructed using steel ISBU Containers as building blocks, and specifically designed to withstand all grades of severe weather.

Cor-Ten steel will not appeal to wood-destroying and in mod resistant too!

Mods can be constructed in as little as half the time it takes to build traditional style houses, sometimes as few as three weeks after permitting is complete.

Fully customizable to meet each clients needs, Labacorp has the capacity to construct container-based spaces as small or as large as desired.

For a lot of house hunters, the idea of shipping container homes in nothing short of distasteful. Container homes are often thought of as shoddy, primitive and ugly. But the industry is changing.

But as innovative as the concept is, at its heart, a container Home is just that  a home. It is built for you just as a standard sticks-and-bricks house is built. What’s special about container homes is not how they are made, but what they are made of.

In our builds, we only use Intermodal Steel Building Units (ISBU), which are designed for a life of adventure. These shipping containers are made of a unique, non-corrosive Corten steel, which is cleaned and coated with a durable enamel paint to match your ideal design aesthetic.

The sheer strength of the containers themselves provides a nearly impenetrable barrier against extreme weather conditions. Occasionally you’ll even see these containers used as storm shelters. So regardless of the climate or weather patterns that may hammer at your new home, you can rest assured that you will be protected.

Of course, while some modern designs incorporate the containers’ inherent industrial look, oftentimes our builds are made to look like traditional houses. We can cover your container with wood, stucco, vinyl sidig, and all of the other options available to those building a more traditional house. You won’t even be able to tell the house is made from containers.

The interior finishes of container homes are comparable to any modern, sustainable home on the market. We finish each home with basic appliances, HVAC systems, full bathrooms and kitchens, and whatever other features you decide to add. And of course, you are able to personalize and customize the home to fit your ideal design.

Container homes are tough. The mods we build are made for those who are looking to live their lives to the fullest. Looking to be protected against the rain, wind, and snow while still having a home with advanced technology and a stunning design.

Sound like you? Well then, what are you waiting for? Contact Labacorp!

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