We enjoyed the tour very much, we liked layout of the houses. We learnt more about mortgaging and easier way you could have a house on mortgage and buy as well. we were really encouraged because guys our age can’t think about owning a home or planning to save and buy a home. For us we felt it to start now. For me I can say my interest now is to work towards having my own home.

Alexus… 27years

Hi Rebecca, hope this finds you well. My apology it took till today to get back. I have an issue with my phone also Arnold hasn’t yet gotten a phone Yet at the moment. But we enjoyed that day and learnt a lot. I really appreciate and thank you always. Be blessed☺🙏🏻

Arnold …25 years

Hi. I enjoyed myself.

The visit was informative. Especially with the bank official clarifying about mortgage. Seeing the premises gives a realistic feel too.

I’ll watch out for Tatu City…😊


In taking Karibu Homes Riverview bus tour at Athi River, I learnt something very critical to consider before committing to buying a property. I realized that a good number of people always want to live in the upmarket, the problem is, most of the time that’s not where we can afford, and certainly that’s not where we should start. I now understand the terrain, and will look at what’s available, practical & affordable! And whether buying the house off-plan, under construction or a ready one, it’s a perfect idea to visit the site. And again, it’s a great opportunity to network  with the experts in real estate industry from Karibu Homes, they were very informative & helpful!!

~~~~Alice Maina~~~~

It’s extremely important to visit the site, before you commit to buying a house. Karibu Homes Riverview bus tour at Athi River gave me a perfect chance to have one on one interaction  with the real estate experts. I had my questions answered; the process of home ownership was explained, as well as payment modalities, legal processes & much more.  The units in Phase 3 New York & Paris Courts were superb, to say the least. The standard 2 & 3 bed”room seemed ok to me, especially coz the price was quite reasonable, however, when I was shown the enhanced 3br apartments….right there, It dawned to me that was exactly what I’d go for. The show house was spacious and tastefully furnished…it was love at first sight!

********Jane Maina**********


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