Empowering Africa Through Solar Power

Empowering Africa Through Solar Power

SUNami Solar leases out solar home systems in offgrid areas in Kenya and Uganda, together with income generating appliances. SUNami contributes to job creation, poverty reduction and increasing social

Apart from lighting and phone charging, SUNami Solar offers income generating packages that help the customers to become self-employed and independent while they use solar energy. The packages include income generating appliances as well as entrepreneurship programs to generate income and improve their livelihood. SUNami installs and maintain the systems free of charge for the full duration of the leasing period. The solar packages offered by SUNami constitute high tech designed modules that are energy efficient, appealing and very effective. The solar panels provide enough energy to power micro-businesses not limited to hair-clipping, movie show rooms, water pumping, local area networks and refrigeration. Their main operation is in Mombasa Kenya. Their head office is in Norway with a branch in Uganda. SUNami Solar Kenya Ltd is now raising capital to expand the business to new areas of Kenya.

Change lives with SUNami Solar!

Kenya: A story from a farmer

Kitsao is a 68-year-old man living in the village Mamba in Mombasa, Kenya with his wife and 14 children. His wife is a homemaker and some of his children are still in school. The family’s main source of light was kerosene and paraffin. Kitsao has no formal education and is the main income provider in his household with his agricultural business. As a farmer, he is dependent on a functional water pump irrigation that runs smoothly in order for his vegetables, such as onions and tomatoes, to grow. Before he became one of SUNami’s customers, he was using a diesel-generator for his water pump irrigation that often failed due to the high amount of power needed. When the diesel- generator failed, he either had to buy water from the neighbors or used a rope and container to pull water out of the borehole manually. Kitsao became aware of SUNami Solar’s solar panels and appliance packages from a sales rep in a neighboring village. In May 2018 he got his SUNami solar pump installed, and his business has been booming ever since. He is impressed by the capabilities of the solar system. “The solar panel from SUNami Solar hasgiven me and my family a much simpler life” Kitsao Kalume Kadhengi (68).
His life has changed significantly due to the efficient appliance. Kitsao can
now sell water tand vegetables to his neighbors. He pumps water from the 25
meters deep borehole with SUNami’s water pump and stores the water in a
water tank. Thereafter, the water flows to the farm from the tank, and he does
not have to harvest rainwater anymore. His family also benefits from the service of charging their mobile phones and they enjoy light in their home in the evenings. His children are able to read and do their homework in a healthy

SUNami, emPOWERing Africa

Mombasa Malindi Highway, Shanzu Kenya
+254788103403 | info@sunamisolar.co.ke

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