CIC Domestic Package Insurance Brings Comfort & Peace of Mind

The allure of a serene, picturesque private dwelling in a stunning location away from hustle and bustle is simply irresistible to everyone.

Those who are advantaged to have one will go to great lengths to make the property more appealing by enhancing the interior with beautiful decorations, exquisite furniture, and breathtaking exterior well-manicured lawns.

Owned or rented, we all agree that your home is valuable and needs to be secured. To protect their belongings owners and tenants always employ various security measures including guards and CCT surveillance cameras, metallic doors, windows, and gates.

But even with elaborate security arrangements, such a huge investment can be reduced to nothing in the event of fire, lightning, impact from aerial devices or even burglary and accidental damages, causing the owner or occupier a huge financial loss.

To protect property owners or occupiers from such losses, which may deny them the comfort and peace of mind that private dwellings provide, CIC Insurance offers home insurance, which covers several risks. The risks include explosions from electrical devices, the impact from vehicles and other objects like trees falling.

CIC General Insurance MD Mr. Elijah Wachira, says the package has been designed to cover for different insurable interests in homes.

“The policy has been designed to cater for almost everything you have worked hard for in your private residential dwellings including the main buildings, outbuildings, fences and contents such as furniture, laptops, cameras, and jewelry,” says Mr. Wachira.

The policy also extends to include domestic servants such as house managers, drivers, gardeners, watchmen and personal liability incurred both as an owner or occupier of the dwellings

In the event of loss or damage to property, CIC Insurance will not only offer compensation but also give extra benefits like catering for fire brigade charges, cost of debris removal, loss of rental income and cost of renting alternative accommodation. The company will also foot professional fees such as surveys, architects, and municipal plans incurred to rebuild the damaged or lost buildings.

And the cost of CIC home insurance is incredibly affordable. For a house valued at Sh5 million, one will pay Sh7500 in premiums per year while personal property worth Sh10,000 will cost Sh100 per year.

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