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The insider’s guide to sunflowers

Botanical name: Helianthus annuus   Sunflowers epitomize summer, sunshine and happiness. There’s also a reason why they’re called sunflowers: their great round flower heads follow the sun. Wise, then, to give consideration as to where...
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From The Desk Of The Green Building Expert

In Africa, the lifeblood of research and development is inadequate but innovative ideas are reaching us in time, courtesy of advancement in Internet connectivity. In Kenya, there is increasing realization in the construction sector that...
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GREYSCAPE, Decorating with grey

Grey is one of the top neutral interior design colours for this year. How to use it? Here are some tips: DO familiarize yourself with the entire grey colour spectrum. Grey doesn’t have to be...
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Quick tips on garden pond care

It’s all too easy to let your garden pond look after itself, but ponds need maintenance. Here’s a quick checklist of tasks that need to be regularly attended to: Change your filter regularly. Make sure...
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How to attract bees to your garden

    Bees are essential to a garden. Without their help in pollinating plants, there would very few flowers or vegetables to be seen. There are two main types of bee in Kenya, the African...
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How to decorate a small room

  If you’re trying to make the best of a small room, then you need some clever insiders’ tips on the kind of colours that will grow rather than shrink your space. And here they...
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